Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caroline is going to be here Monday!!!

We are so excited!! Caroline is going to be here Monday!! We went to the dr yesterday for our weekly check-up and he brought up the option that if I was ready he could induce. Well of course I'm ready!! :) Besides the fact that I've been super uncomfortable lately I am dying to meet our Sweet Caroline!! Yesterday I was dilated 4cm, so if she doesn't decide to come this weekend then she will for sure be here Monday!! I'll be sure to post some pictures! Reality is starting to set in that we are about to have our lil girl. Very excited and nervous too!! Below are some pictures of the finished nursery! Looking forward to many memories made in there with Caroline!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Hi there! I have a Caroline, too! I was just googling nursery pics, and saw your Caroline's nursery. I had to comment b/c even though we took different paths with regard to design, it appears that both of their nurseries are quite similar in color. Your Caroline's nursery is quite lovely! Congrats!