Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trip to Scottsdale, AZ

Last week we traveled to Scottsdale, AZ for a convention. It is beautiful out there!! We spent our week going to meetings, playing golf, relaxing by the pool and getting a wonderful mom-to-be massage!! The last day we were there the temperature reached 102!! It was hot but not nearly as bad since they don't have any humidity there. The driver told us it is 115 during the summer. Too hot for me!! Below are some pictures from our trip. Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying this wonderful weather!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Russell's 2nd Birthday!

Yesterday was Russell's birthday, so last night we celebrated with birthday cake! Thanks to Bone Appetite making the cake it was a success. As you can see below the boys loved it!

It's still a girl!!

We had our 19 week appointment yesterday and everything looks great!! Todd had been thinking the past couple weeks that when the dr. did the ultrasound he was going to realize it's actually a boy, but no such luck. We have pictures clearly showing the girl parts this time. Todd's parents went to the appointment with us, so it was exciting for them to get to see the ultrasound too! It's so neat to see her moving around on the screen. Below are some of the ultrasound pictures. The dr. said she is 12 ounces and everything looks perfect! Right now I can feel her a lil bit if I'm sitting still. It's kind of like popcorn popping in your stomach. In a few more weeks the dr. said I should start to feel the actual kicks. I can't wait!! After the confirmation that we are still having a girl I ordered everything for the nursery and Todd picked up the crib and changing table. It will be another 6-8 weeks before the rest of the furniture and bedding comes in. It's so exciting getting Caroline's room ready!!

19 weeks

Todd putting together Caroline's crib!

All put together!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

We had a wonderful and eventful Easter weekend. We started it off by celebrating Tosha & Misty's birthdays at Los Margaritas Friday night.

Saturday morning after I got back from spin class Todd surprised me with my Easter basket, so I ended up going ahead and giving him and the boys their baskets. We are going to have to get better about waiting until the actual day next year for Caroline. We had this problem at Christmas time too. We opened our stockings and presents on Christmas Eve!!

We recently became members of the Chattanooga Golf & Country Club, so Saturday we spent the afternoon playing some golf! I thought it was suppose to be a warm sunny day, but it turned out to be cloudy and windy. Oh well! We still had a great time!

Easter morning we went to church at Hixson United Methodist and then lunch at the country club with my parents.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Dunlap to celebrate Easter with Todd's family. The family had gotten together at Ma Dean & Pa Dean's house. It was so good to see everyone!