Friday, July 31, 2009

Caroline's Baby Shower- Dunlap

Last Sunday we had our baby shower in Dunlap that was given by Todd's parents. Everything was wonderful! It was so good to catch up with family and friends! We received several more great gifts for Caroline. We are definitely ready for her arrival now! I can't believe she is going to be here in 5 more weeks!! We are getting so excited, anxious and a lil nervous. Having a newborn is going to be a whole new experience! Can't wait! Below are some pictures from the shower. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

FA, Todd, Mimi, Me, Kathy and Ma Dean

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Caroline's Baby Shower- Chattanooga

This past Saturday we had our baby shower in Chattanooga that was given by my parents. The shower took place downtown at Table 2. Several of our out of town friends were able to come in for the shower and it was so good to see everyone!!! We received so many wonderful gifts!! Todd and I are truly blessed to have such great friends!! Thanks again to everyone that came!! I can't wait until Caroline is here and gets to meet everyone!! Only 7 more weeks!!!

Jaime, Me and Lucy

Me and Liz

Sheldon, Daniel and Todd

Todd, Me, Mimi and Granddad

I feel sorry for Caroline's boyfriend!! :)

Todd's 30th Birthday

Last week Todd turned the BIG 30!!! We started the celebration off with a cookout Saturday night at our house. The weather was perfect! Everyone enjoyed some beer, BBQ and cornhole!! Tuesday night we went to dinner at Tony's Pasta to celebrate with Todd's parents and then Wednesday night we went to dinner at Alleia's to celebrate with my parents. It was definitely an eventful week!! Below are some pictures!!

Todd and I at the cookout Saturday night.

The boys.

Kathy, Todd and FA

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Caroline's 4D Ultrasound

Last Friday we had the 4D ultrasound which didn't go exactly as planned. We discovered that my fluid is low. Right now I'm at 7 which isn't alarming right now. He said that if it gets down to 5 then he would start to worry more. The dr told me that he's not putting me on bed rest but that he wants me to start taking it easy, stop exercising and start coming in every week to check my fluid levels. He also said the chances of her coming early have increased. Ideally he would like for her to stay in there until 35-38 weeks which I'm currently in my 32nd week. We go back to the dr this Friday. I'll keep everyone posted on what we find out. Hope everyone has a great week!! Below are the pictures from the 4D ultrasound. They didn't turn out that good due to my fluid being low.

Caroline- 32 weeks

Christiane's Baby Shower

Last week I went to Atlanta for Christiane's baby shower. It was so good to see Christiane!! We've been best friends since kindergarten and now we are both pregnant at the same time! She is just 3 weeks ahead of me, so it's been great having someone to chat with all the time throughout our pregnancies. Tuesday night was the shower and Wednesday we headed to The Mart to do some shopping!! While at The Mart we were able to spend some time with one of our sorority sisters Carol! Carol is also pregnant, so everyone got a laugh out of the 3 pregnant girls shopping together. Below are some pictures from Christiane's baby shower.

Yummy cake!!

Preggo BFFs!!

Me & Cara

Christiane with her mom and sister.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend!! Friday we spent the day out on the lake. Russell can't get enough of the lake!! He LOVES swimming! It's so cute! As soon as we get to the lake house the first thing he does is run down to the dock and jump in! Friday night we went to the Lookouts game. Saturday morning we loaded the boys back up and took them to the lake so they could spend the day with Mimi & Granddad while we went to the Dunlap 4th of July parade. After the parade we headed to the Hatfield 4th of July Cookout! It was so good to see everyone!! Later that afternoon we headed back over the mountain to cookout with my parents. We were definitely full by the end of the day!! Sunday we spent the day relaxing at home. Below are some pictures from our weekend! Hope everyone has a great week!!

Russell having fun on the boat!

Samford wishing he was in the AC!

Todd and I at the Lookouts game.

Trey and Todd at the Lookouts game.

Todd and I at the Dunlap 4th of July parade.